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Located in West-Central Ohio.

                                     to Kingdom Fish and Kingdom Farms, your first choice in premium home produced Tilapia and vegetables. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have fresh and safe Tilapia and vegetables, you’ve come to the right place. Our All-Natural Tilapia and vegetables are raised in a clean environment, free of toxins and harmful chemicals.


We do not use growth or sex hormones that artificially grow up the fish, while adding unnecessary health risks. Instead, we feed our fish a soybean based proprietary blend of super dense nutrients. The fish you order is not harvested until the day you pick it up. This ensures that you receive the freshest fish possible… Guaranteed!  We provide Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Small sized fish for varying needs and as a free service we will fillet the fish you purchase upon request.

We also do not use harmful chemicals on our vegetables. We want to ensure that only the freshest produce is grown and delivered to your plate. 

We are available at several Columbus-area farmers' markets. Please click the Markets tab above for more information.

To make an order for pick-up call (937) 539-2529. Please order your fish or vegetables 48 hours prior to pick-up.


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